Project Tourism LED


The project “Tourism: Empowering migrant communities to strengthen local economic development ” (TOURISM LED) will harness the cultural and heritage resources of migrant communities in partner regions for tourism led social and economic development. It will do this by sharing best practice examples between partner regions through civic engagement and bottom-up participation through community organisations and migrant networks to generate ideas that can be adapted to support entrepreneurship, employment and the economy in the tourism sector at a local level.

The project will promote migrants as a positive force of cultural diversity and develop ‘know-how’ regarding how local and migrant communities can work together to develop tourist entrepreneurial opportunities for mutual, sustainable social and economic benefit and a sense of place for all.

The TOURISM LED project will provide an opportunity for addressing the interaction between two sectors not as yet addressed, namely migration integration and tourism.


  • to share best practice/ ‘ideas bank’ between partner regions and develop methodologies and curricula to generate ideas and ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING on how tangible and particularly intangible cultural heritage can be used to generate business and income in partner regions in co-production with local MIGRANT communities. MIGRANTS are viewed as key assets to create shared opportunities for economic benefit through inter-related localised tourism development.
  • to explore tools and models on how to develop bottom-up CIVIC ENGAGEMENT through community networks with local and MIGRANT communities and through positive integration of migrants to build sustainable business opportunities.

The TOURISM LED project will work to support MIGRANTS through bottom-up CIVIC ENGAGEMENT with community groups, NGOs and volunteers. The project will encourage the establishment of networks that enable the local and MIGRANT communities to share opportunities and resources to work for mutual benefit related to localised tourism development. Sharing ideas for ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING through peer EDUCATION will use motivational strategies to provide access to upskilling and key competencies to inspire tourism entrepreneurship such as guiding, exhibitions, events etc.


  • Stiftelsen Minerva (Szwecja)
  • The Rural Centre (Wielka Brytania)
  • Genista Research Foundation (Malta)


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