Project “Women Innovation Network”

The project “Women Innovation Network” assumes strengthening the competences of women looking for support in finding themselves in the labor market or looking for inspiration to start their own business.

The traditional disproportion in employment of women compared to employed men does not have a single solution, but the project ” Women Innovation Network” contributes directly to the increase of competences through the diagnosis of women’s potential, seminars, a series of individual and group consultations and a joint study visit.

The project will also contribute to building a professional network, where they can share their skills and experiences..


The project “Women Innovation Network” is a highly inclusive project that can be accessed by women from various towns, not only from larger cities where the offer is greater. There is also no age criterion, and the initial seminar schedule includes topics such as: trends in the labor market, external sources of financing business activities, building your own brand and effective CV writing.



Polish Aid, Poland
Green Step, Georgia

The project Women Innovation Network is implemented through Polish Aid 2021 with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

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