Project “Digital Learning in the Family”

Digital Learning in the Family is a project funded by Erasmus+ Program. This project aims to support women with a migrant background in gaining digital skills and qualifications to provide them with professional perspectives and support their integration into the host societies.

Six European partner organizations from 5 different countries are responsible for the Digital Learning in the Family project.


They will organize three separate courses as part of this project. They will offer the basic module to women who have never been employed or have been out of work for a long time. In this course, the participants will learn the basics of private PC operation.

From the ranks of the participants in the basic module, a group of women will emerge who have further professional and technical interests. This group of women will be joined by other women who already have professional experience with the PC. All these women will participate in the advanced module. They will learn about the Office package and, depending on their needs, about other aspects of professional preparation (e.g., application training). The advanced course will immediately follow the beginner’s one so the participants can take the next qualification step straight away.

For the children of the participants of both courses, the project partner will organize a family module, which will consist of fun experiments and learning activities. During the holidays, more complex work camps will be offered. These modules aim to give the children the opportunity to discover their interests and at the same to repeat basic skills such as writing and arithmetic through fun experiments.

At the end of the project, there will be a webinar for the participants. During this event, the participants will get the chance to reflect on their experiences of participating in the project. They will also receive certificates for completing the courses.

Our target groups:

  • Women with a migrant background who are unemployed
  • Women with a migrant background who have no experience with computers
  • Children of the women recruited to participate in the project

The products:

  • Course with basic IT skills (IOA)
  • Advanced module – Professional Computer Use (IOB)
  • Course for children (IOC-1)
  • Fun activities for the families (IOC-2)